As a self-performing heavy civil contractor, PGM takes great pride in being proactive when it comes to safety. With safety at the pinnacle of our core values, we have experienced exceptional success in keeping our employees and others safe from harm’s way by maintaining a foundation of constant communication, oversight, and enforcement.

The success of our safety culture at PGM starts with a top-down approach, beginning with executive officers and flowing down to each individual working for PGM. Initiated at the planning stage of every project, a thorough assessment of all potential hazards is analyzed, considered in depth, and is then communicated to the team.

We realize that the most effective way to ensure our employees, surrounding communities, environment, and the public stays safe on our watch is to augment our extensive training programs with more than just classroom settings. PGM pairs its exhaustive training with interactivity, fostering of positive competitiveness, and providing rewards for both safe work practices and innovated ideas that promote employees’ well-being.

PGM takes surmountable pride in its safety systems and protocols. Utilizing HCSS Safety software, a web-based daily safety reporting program, safety data recording and reporting has placed us on the cutting-edge of safety practices. By utilizing iPads, this program enables field and management staff to focus on actual hazards while our entire safety program is in the hands of our field leaders to deploy daily. The program includes daily tailboards, job hazard analysis (JHA), job site inspections, near misses, incidents and job safety operations. All information is provided to management in immediate and real-time.

As information is input into the iPads, the information is tracked and potential trends are reviewed and given priority. Additionally, the entire project teams have the ability to participate in feedback in the Observation link. Each project site has safety posters displayed that encourage anyone with a smart phone (QR Code) to comment on daily activities and to upload images. Actions and accolades are driven by these observations.

Safety takes priority over everything else at PGM, including but not limited to, productivity, timelines, and costs. Each employee is involved in safety; are empowered to think on their own and to speak up when they identify hazards; and are encouraged to stop work and ask questions if they feel a situation is unsafe. Our established means of consistent formal and informal communication has shown proven success and has consistently kept our projects, team, and those of others, safe.

As PGM's main core value, safety has been and always will be second to none other.

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ISNetworld is likely one of the most prominent contractor and supplier pre-qualification platforms in the power industry. It is highly esteemed for its comprehensive vetting of contractors and has garnered an abundance of respect for its integrity.

Utilized since 2016, PGM has consistently earned the top ISNetworld ranking of an A rating. This status provides our clients with the confidence needed in hiring an experienced and safe heavy civil contractor.

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Gold Shovel Standard

Gold Shovel Standard is highly recognized as the leader in protecting buried infrastructure as well as ensuring the safety and well-being of the public. As such, GSS’s guidance and instruction has diminished underground damage and injury among contractors and other facilities as well.

A member of the Gold Shovel Standard, PGM has proudly been certified since 2017 and has continued to retain its good standing position throughout the years.

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As part of our safety initiative, PGM provides and mandates extensive safety training for all our employees. A list of our training includes the following:

• OSHA 10
• OSHA 30
• First Aid
• Confined Space
• Confined Space - Competent Person
• Heat Illness Prevention
• Valley Fever
• Trenching & Excavation
• Fall Protection
• Forklift – All Terrain
• Hazwoper 40
• Silica Awareness
• Aerial Lift
• Basic Rigging Safety and Awareness
• Boom Truck – Fixed Cab
• Boom Truck – Swing Cab
• Crane – Lattice Boom Tracked
• Crane – Truck Mounted
• Operator Qualifications
• PG&E Substation Safety Field Orientation
• Respirator Voluntary Use
• Respiratory Fit Testing
• Skid Steer
• Vacuum Truck
• Stormwater Compliance Inspector
• Welding FCAW 4F
• Welding Stainless FCAW/2G
• Welding Stainless FCAW-3G
• Welding GMAW-308
• Welding GTAW-E308
• Welding SMAW-3G

In addition to this exhaustive list, our Safety Manager has extensive training and holds the following certifications:

• OSHA 500 – Outreach Trainer for Construction
• OSHA 510 – Standards for Construction
• OSHA 7505 – Accident Investigation
• OSHA 708 - Recordkeeping
• OSHA NFPA 70E - Electrical Safety
• Ahera Contractor Supervisor - Asbestos
• First Aid/CPR Trainer
• OSHA 30
• FMCSA Supervisor

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