Excelsior Switching Station

Five Points, California
Prepare construction entrance. Manage all SWPPP Implementation. Strip and offhaul spoils. Cut and fill site. Supply and install ¾" Class 2 aggregate base. Drill piers and install foundations. Install below grade conduit, grounding, and fence grounding as well as pull boxes. Provide shotcrete.

PG&E; Leprino Substation

Lemoore, California
Perform site prep work and final surfacing to include: SWPPP implementation, stripping site, offhaul of spoils, placement of compacted fill, installation of rip rap and basin access ramp, installation of yard surfacing stone, pave asphalt roads.

Mustang Switching Station

Lemoore, California
Perform site work, including surveying, SWPPP implementation, scarify site and offhaul spoils. Cut and fill pad. Install yard surfacing rock, riprap stone, concrete pavers for basin access, shotcrete, concrete berms, paving, and overflow weir.