Construction Services

PGM is one of the most diversified heavy civil companies in the western states. Our experienced team provides complete civil packages that can include any number of the scopes listed below:

• Earthwork
• Shotcrete
• Concrete
• Underground
• Aggregate Base Yard Surfacing
• Rough Grading
• Aggregate Base Roadways
• Finish Grading
• Offhaul and Export
• Concrete
• Compaction
• Paving
• Foundations
• Over-Excavation
• Surveying
• Scarification
• Fire Wall Erection
• Drilled Piers
• Curb and Gutter Installation
• Conduits
• Slurry Foundations
• Cut/Fill
• Fencing


As a licensed General Engineering, General Building, and Electrical Contractor, PGM is capable of performing all scopes necessary for its clients in the power industry. PGM’s service area currently includes the western United States.

Demolition Services


Dismantling, razing, destroying or wrecking of any building or structure.

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Mass Grading Services

Mass Grading

Movement of earth to prepare a site to specified elevations, slopes, etc.

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Pouring Concrete Foundations Services

Concrete / Foundations

Forming & finshing concrete for multiple purposes.

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Finish Grading Surfacing Services

Finish Grading / Surfacing

Final surface improvements to complete a project.

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