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Rebuilding America's Electrical Infrastructure

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Welcome to PGM Inc.

PGM's vision is to build electrical power grid infrastructures and clean energy infrastructures to ensure prosperity for generations to come.

PGM is a woman-owned civil contractor signatory to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union. Having extensive experience in the renewable market, PGM has assisted with the construction of substations and switching stations for a vast assortment of clients. Give us a call and let us provide you with competitive pricing for your next renewable project!

Energy Construction Company
Demolition Services


Dismantling, razing, destroying or wrecking of any building or structure.

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Mass Grading Services

Mass Grading

Movement of earth to prepare a site to specified elevations, slopes, etc.

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Pouring Concrete Foundations Services

Concrete / Foundations

Forming & finshing concrete for multiple purposes.

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Finish Grading Surfacing Services

Finish Grading / Surfacing

Final surface improvements to complete a project.

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Scope of Work

At PGM, we provide expert services in the utility market including mass grading, demolition, pier drilling, trenching, concrete, foundations, finish grading and surfacing. Call us for competitive price on your next utility or renewable project!

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⬥ Grading
⬥ Roadways
⬥ Trenching
⬥ Soil Stabilization
⬥ Installation of Surfacing Stone
⬥ Concrete Slope Protection & Erosion Control
⬥ Paving
⬥ Drill Piers
⬥ Dust Control
⬥ Sealing & Coating
⬥ SWPPP Implementation
⬥ Install Conduits & Grounding Grid
⬥ Structural Concrete, Piers & Foundations
⬥ Survey
⬥ Demolition
⬥ Sub-excavation
⬥ Oil Containment
⬥ Finish Foundations
⬥ Laydown & Facilities Establishment

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